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Three Things You Didn't Know About Cryotherapy:
How Whole Body Cryotherapy Burns More Caleries Than Any Exercise!
Cryotherapy can burn up to 900 caleries in just 3-6 minutes!  But that's not all it does.  Learn why Cryotherapy burns caleries, eliminates celulite, increases endorphins and erases headaches amon other things.
What Spot Cryotherapy Does To Your Skin!
The secret Hollywood elites don't want you to find out about, and how you can get the same luxury care they pay thousands for, for just pennies on the dollar in your own backyard in Orem, Utah.
Why Pro Athletes & Teams Are Betting It All On Cryotherapy!
Pro Sports teams from the NBA to the NFL are investing hundreds of thousands in this new technology you already have access to in Utah Valley's first Athlete's Cryotherapy Day Spa in Orem, Utah.
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3 Reasons Pro-Athletes & Celebrities


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Steve B. on

Cryotherapy is awesome. I really like this place. My inflammation is down and I feel. More awake and healthy. Highly recommend this place. Athletes, people in pain, and many others can benefit from this place.

Jennifer B. on

I was in town for a race and came in without an appointment to see if I could get some time in the cryotherapy chamber and in the recovery boots. Brock was so accommodating and got me in and out with ease and comfort.

The technology they have here is top-notch, and I left feeling totally fresh and like I hadn't put any stress on my body at all that day. The decor is wonderful and calming, and the overall vibe here is chill. Whenever I'm in the area I'll be back!

Tanis A. on

I took my son in with a wrist injury he has been dealing with. Brock was so patient and listened to what was going on and explained the benefits of doing the treatment we did. I recommend Brock and -250 degree* Cryotherapy 100%. Thanks again Brock!

Rocky M. on

Overall was a great experience in doing cryotherapy. Brock the owner is very knowledgeable. If you workout regular this place is for you. Everyone needs to come and check it out. I highly suggest it, awesome for muscle recovery.

Sara F. on

Why don't we have -250 Cryotherapy all over Utah and SL Valleys? This type of therapy and treatment should be used in all hospitals and clinics! Amazing results. I tore both rotator cuffs- on a hike and I fell face-first. I was so concerned about surgery and doctors only being able to prescribe ibuprofen or pain meds. My husband brought me to -250 Cryotherapy instead, and they fit me right in and did spot treatment, full body, and the compression sleeves.....and I feel like a new woman now. Haven't been able to sleep for a few days because of the pain, but I actually fell asleep while doing the compression! What a miracle this place is, and I am so grateful. We will be getting memberships, and I can't wait to see my husband use the full cryotherapy chamber. :)

Sarah on

I went to get full body cryotherapy because I had problems in my neck and shoulders. The athmosphere is really nice and they really try to help and find the best option for your specific need. 
It was a whole new experience to be exposed to such cold temperatures. Beside it's physical benefits I noticed an endorphin rush. I smiled the whole time even though I was shaking. ;)

Brock, the owner, is a great guy, he took some time to show us around afterwards and their equipment is really impressive. 
Definitely planing on going back and enjoy their spa offers!
-250º Cryotherapy Proudly Offers A Full Range Of Advanced Modalities For Your Optimal Health
Our therapies are: 
• Integrated Spot Cryotherapy 
• Cryocranial
• Cryofacial 
• Bemer circulatory therapy
• Massage therapy  
  [scraping, stripping, suction cupping, deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, Hot Stone Aromatherapy, etc.] 
• Leg compression therapy
• Core compression therapy
• Arm & shoulder compression therapy
• Vibration Plate Therapy 
• Far Infrared Therapy
• Traveling services
• Senior care
 [Massage, Compression Therapy, Bemer Therapy]
Try The Most Advanced Technology
In Utah...
And see why athletes, people suffering chronic pain and others are all raving about Chryotherapy and our synergetic modalities at -250º Chryotherapy.
We Waited To Get The Most Advanced Cryotherapy Equipment In The World 
But That's Just The Tip Of The Ice Burg!
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Ask Tony Robins, Kelly Ripa, & Dr. Oz Just For Starters
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New To Cryotherapy? Get A Discount Trial!
At -250º Cryotherapy, we're focused on providing the most advanced equipment and complimenting modalities possible, for the express intent of decreasing pain, increasing recovery, and helping you look, feel and perform younger, healthier, faster, stronger and better.
Just look at what our current members are saying about us:
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To Schedule a Visit to
Minus 250 Degrees Cryotherapy and Massage Therapy
293 E 930 S Orem, UT 84058
(by appointment only)

Frequently Asked Questions
Find The Answer To Your Burning Questions And Then Get Your Freeze On
Does Cryotherapy Hurt?
No. Cryotherapy lowers temperatures up to 290 degrees colder than a typical ice bath, yet the cold is far more bearable because it is a dry cold created by vaporized liquid nitrogen.  We have had clients from warmer climates (such as Israel) who claim they cannot handle the natural cold in Utah, who use full body cryotherapy treatments with us regularly and swear by it.
Is Cryotherapy Dangerous?
No.  There are no ill side effects reported in relation to cryotherapy.
Is Cryotherapy Expensive?
Not compared to most alternatives.  "Expensive" is obviously a relative term.  We have one client who claims to have saved $18,000 by doing cryotherapy with us, instead of undergoing surgery as recommended by her doctor (who recognized her recovery by the way and began referring other patients to us as a way to save money and recovery time compared to surgical options).  Cryotherapy is also much more affordable than other leading options in every area of benefit. 
How Does Cryotherapy Work?
Cryotherapy forces the body to produce an excess of white blood cells and extra endorphins which flush your system naturally and produce enhanced recovery, energy and happiness.  For greatest impact, we recommend to 3-minute whole body cryotherapy sessions followed by our infrared sauna, vibration plate and Bemer technology.  A warm sports massage with one of our certified therapists never hurts either.
What Other Services Do You Offer?
We Offer: FULL BODY CRYOTHERAPY, Integrated Spot Cryotherapy, Cryocranial, Cryo-facialBemer circulatory therapy, Massage therapy, scraping, stripping, suction cupping, deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, Hot Stone Aromatherapy, etc. Leg compression therapy, Core compression therapy, Arm & shoulder compression therapy, Vibration Plate Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy, Traveling services, 
- Senior care, Massage, Compression Therapy, Bemer Therapy
[New Therapies Added Often]
Do I Need To Make An Appointment
Yes, please.  Because we are Utah Valley's only, and Utah State's most advanced cryotherapy and athletic day spa, we serve many local and visiting teams and athletes and we don't like to make you wait.  Scheduling with us ensures that we can serve you best.
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